Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Puppyhugger's Social outfit, and Changed the Pink... AGAIN

Well I finished Puppyhugger's "I'm Link outfit" seen to the right. Also I finished Most of the Biomare's Quest, all thats left is mauling the director, but I'll defiantly need a hand with that task. After I finish the last part in Formans, the next goal is to push to Level 100 at last! At 100, I'll rework my gear and implants the goal is to See if its possible to get QL 200 weapon implants installed and 2 chirops for weapons.

In General AO news, This weekend is the combined RK1 and RK2 Raid on test. Personally I'm Really excited, I know I've meet several of the RK1 "froob raiders" while playing some on RK1, but to get to meet them face to face as "semi equals" (Read: several of them are level 200 while Esdian is till 167) will be great fun.

Lastly I changed the layout AGAIN, still pink but its slighty more professional looking as far as pink goes.