Friday, July 11, 2008

Whee, Finally got my boots!

After 2 days of foreman camping I finally got Esyfu her Boots of Infinite Speed. Hello +30 Physical init! Next on the slate for the MA is to push missions to build some tokens, then I need to farm and or purchase some Metallic Mantis Armor for the + energy damage. Then I'll head the the temple of three winds and grab a few items, the Martial arts attacks, Notum rings, Robe. Then distant future will involve getting the "pink robe of doom" but thats a ways off I think.

Well Esyfu is level 26 now, First step is Getting NCU. The planed chips and belt are Dream mesh circut and dark dreams, won't give the most NCU but gives a nice chuck of + HP. After the NCU I'll start farming the various temple items I need. And now.. back to work.