Tuesday, September 2, 2008

End of "open closed beta"

Well, Closed beta has come to an end. My Finaly observations for my time spent there. Peronally I don't enjoy the Open PvP but I can see it being enjoyable for people that do like that system. Controled access to world chat is a good idea, and its implemented fairly well. First you have to be level 5 (easy part) second you need a "World trumpet" thats consumed each time you send a message in world chat, Key is the trumpets are cash shop items so you eather have to buy them directly OR from other players. The marrage system is cute, when you get married there is a system announcment and then you from that point on have "person's Wife" Or "person's Husband" over you name, sadly same sex marrages are not an option in game.

Next on the slate: I'm currently testing Google Chrome http://www.google.com/chrome First impressions Minimalistic seems to use less resources than FireFox.  down side no "typical" interface IE no tool menu ect. Lots of potential, but potential just means its not happened yet.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yet another entry in the "Other Crap" Section

Well, I've been playing the closed Beta for Perfect World's US release. http://www.perfectworld.com/ As far as bugs, very few (Guess it helps when your just basically porting a system) So Far 1 semi major issue but I'll let it go calling a Translation issue. As Far as the game aspect, Really really fun. So Far from level 1-16 Its been I'll say Like 75% EXP from Quest rewards, and 25% from killing the mobs to get said quest items. And I know you can level 100% off quest thru the game. Graphically, SUPER pretty Even on this gimp PC. There's my Level 16 Venomancer AKA WereFox See pretty. :p

Friday, August 15, 2008

Finally an update!

Well after a few weeks, I'm back with a few updates. First off, Puppyhugger is now level 112 (title Level 4) and the proud owner of a Pair of Chirops, A smart hood, and a heavy padded over coat. I've recently uped the evades on Puppy, it helps slightly when running lower Token missions, but in XP situations not much help. Still end up trying to Out heal damage, rather than avoiding it.

Also I broke out my trader improved thier implants a Few QLs And gained 1 level, I now have a QL 100~ shotgun, still gimpy, but slightly better as I've not died since I've done the work on them.

Next on the Improvment bar was my Buffbunny agent, Latooni. I managed to aquire a TIM scope and found a QL 100~ Rifle laying around so I equipped it as well. Damage is some what better now, tho I'm Still Squishy, So very squishy. Oh the agent also uploaded a few more FP nanos, Like mongo from enforcer along with one of the early challangers. If I could insta cast mongo, it might make for a good self heal, but 2 factors kill that. 1) 4 seconds does not make for a good casting time and 2) nano cost kills me. So it looks like I'm gonna be stuck like every other agent, FPing MP and draging around a heal pet.

Lastly, I started planing and looking for a way to get my Imps built and ON for my Piercing enforcer. The problem here is I'm using Sense and AGI armors, so they are caped, but both arm implants which hold the piercing clusters tend to end up Strength based, and seeing that my strength is semi gimped that makes matters difficult. Not Impossible by any means, just a little more work that the rest of the slots which are easy to make AGI based.

And now for something totally diffrent.

The Joint RK1 and RK2 raid went well. There were about 15 people at the start from both servers. I wish I'd took down all the names but I was busy bashing a GUI into shape. :p
Saavick did a great job as Raid leader, and the Raid interface makes building and organizing teams a breeze as you can literally drag and drop names around to build the teams. As for the raid its self we Decided with the people we had to attempt a HI raid, first 5 ish waves were super smooth, up thru mabe wave 8 it was still fairly easy, to make a long story short, we managed to get to the Weed but by we lacked the DD needed to finish the task. Outside of me making like 1 bludder (glares at helper stupid pathing :p) We represented RK2 well, and as a group we make a good impression as froobs. http://www.aofroobs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6427&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=149 for Screenshots and others opinions.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Puppyhugger's Social outfit, and Changed the Pink... AGAIN

Well I finished Puppyhugger's "I'm Link outfit" seen to the right. Also I finished Most of the Biomare's Quest, all thats left is mauling the director, but I'll defiantly need a hand with that task. After I finish the last part in Formans, the next goal is to push to Level 100 at last! At 100, I'll rework my gear and implants the goal is to See if its possible to get QL 200 weapon implants installed and 2 chirops for weapons.

In General AO news, This weekend is the combined RK1 and RK2 Raid on test. Personally I'm Really excited, I know I've meet several of the RK1 "froob raiders" while playing some on RK1, but to get to meet them face to face as "semi equals" (Read: several of them are level 200 while Esdian is till 167) will be great fun.

Lastly I changed the layout AGAIN, still pink but its slighty more professional looking as far as pink goes.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Progress on Puppyhugger and Bunnybrains, and Various news and "stuff"

Ok, With help from 'aenea I farmed Puppyhugger a few parts of QL 120~ Rhinoman leather, all thats left is the 2 sleeves. Also thanks to Bodhii's Shade, Puppy also got her very first AoE calm. *hurray* Outside smashing should be slightly easier now.

Bunnybrains now is the proud owner of a QL 73~ Newland fish knife and similar QL Improved tango dirk, this should really help her damage output some more as well as tanking potential.

Good news, There will be a Join Rk1 and RK2 raid on test, first of its kind in known history. The Froob raid groups from both servers will meet and then um.. "Test the new raid interface" to make sure its in working order. It should be great fun. More info about it can be found Here

Oh, just as a general note. The Sims 2 is a black hole from which no light, or in my case Time, can escape. Seems that ate a nice chunk of last week. Lastly Check out a fellow RK2 froob's blog http://babaoroody.wordpress.com/ Well written and a great layout, compared to this mess.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bunnybrains, Newbie genocide, and Infuential person #1

Well, I seem to be taking a small break from Esyfu and and now working on NCU and such for Bunnybrains my piercing enforcer. So far I've got the new belt from steps of madness for + HP, and to counter my small nano pool I'm hoping to get a set of dark memory's from the temple of three winds. Again It seems once I get 1 toon out another must enter, at least Bunny is level 45 and can stand up for them self. Improved tango dirks make life so much better, high max damage, decent speed, and crits to die for, really tears threw cultist.

Oh, I've recently meet 2 new players, and some how I managed to kill both of them while trying to help, oopsie. First one is a Fixer, they wanted to get a Gamma Ejector a SMG from Foreman's. So In an attempt to help them I used my fixer to escort them threw most of the area, then near the last of the mutants I just could not do enough damage fast enough to kill the area clear for them. Then again the same fixer a little later I teamed with Esyfu and managed to pull too hard of a mission for the 2 of us and we both died a few times. Now today I teamed with a new Adventurer with my trader, I was trying to leach a level um.. I mean assist the team by providing calms and stuff. Needless to say much exploding occurred. and I saw how newbie I am playing trader.

First off I want to say the order in which people are mentioned is not a list of most influenced, important or something else just the order I picked. That being said I want to say Thank you to 'aenea. First of all when I was playing my clueless solider you gave me a weapon, built me my first set of implants and many other things and Never once asked for anything in return. Then once I made my engineer you taught me the value of being self sufficient as much as possible, sometimes using a lower weapon and or pet is better than having to hunt a buff every 50 mins. Countless times you've helped me with items in the temple, Steps of madness, many other places, you even loaned X amount of credits to have cash on hand to buy my threating trousers. And all of this does not include the COUNTLESS wrangles thru the past 2 years. Theres too much to list it all here and I know a simple "Thank you" does not cover it all, but Thanks for being a great person and friend.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Esyfu's temple done, and a teddy!

With much rejoicing, Esyfu officially has all her Items from the cursed temple! Tree of "heal me plx" enlightenment, really makes things almost too easy with its 290 heal every 40~ seconds. Makes my Tiny nano pool go much further. Now I'm in the "Run missions till I fall over dead, then once I get up Start again" mode. Its actually not that painful pull mission from Rome to Rome run around Tab Q everything that moves, next. As per Esy tradition At level 60 the MA will make 1 last trip to the temple, after getting a complete over haul, to smash all the things that killed me in the early stages of the characters life.

I've been thinking of starting a sort or "mini series" on people that have influenced me in my time playing Anarchy Online. People that taught me valuable tactics, How various things worked, the basics of twinking, and most importantly have been a friend to me.

Teddy bear, must share teddy. *Hugs the teddy*

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Layout and color & Esyfu

Ok, did a little work on making this a little more "Esy'ed up". Finished stage 2 of Heart+Teddy, I may work a little more on my little bear, but for now I like it.

On to AO news. Esyfu is now wearing a borrowed strength and touch of the gripper, Hello Added damage. Quick thanks to Idef, a random Enfo, and NT (Sorry I totally forgot thier names) for making various implants and and Behe. Now all thats left is gloves, a tough choice. Rockcrushers give +9 damage and use Str/Stm as their equip reqs Where the Fist of Orion uses Sen/Agi and give +5 damage and +4 martial arts and some evades. Well which ever I decide on once I get them and Equip them all thats left is to start the mission grind to level 60. At Level 60 I'll look at getting real armor and implants and then start the level train up again. Optimally I want to have at least 1 Character that when they get to level 100 already have their 1000 tokens, so far its not looking like thats gonna happen anytime soon.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

O how I love the temple

Every time I get a toon past level 60 I always sigh. "Never Again!" I swear, only to make a new character that needs more items from that forsaken place. Its a Cycle, that for me will never end it seems. With that said, all I need left from there is the last part of the Tree of enlightenment for a new attack, withered flesh for the absorb, 1 more notum ring, then the hard item Fist of Orion. Also finished a basic idea on how to layout my implants for Esyfu.

In other news, Warzone 2100 > Everything else. http://wz2100.net/ Open source, Fun at least on par with starcraft, and personally I prefer it on somethings Over starcraft.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Whee, Finally got my boots!

After 2 days of foreman camping I finally got Esyfu her Boots of Infinite Speed. Hello +30 Physical init! Next on the slate for the MA is to push missions to build some tokens, then I need to farm and or purchase some Metallic Mantis Armor for the + energy damage. Then I'll head the the temple of three winds and grab a few items, the Martial arts attacks, Notum rings, Robe. Then distant future will involve getting the "pink robe of doom" but thats a ways off I think.

Well Esyfu is level 26 now, First step is Getting NCU. The planed chips and belt are Dream mesh circut and dark dreams, won't give the most NCU but gives a nice chuck of + HP. After the NCU I'll start farming the various temple items I need. And now.. back to work.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Starting fresh

Hmmm, guess no one really cares but I'll share my story's and experiences from my time playing Anarchy Online. I assure you this wont be a great read but It might interest a few people. For starters I'll Make a huge list of my characters.

  • Esdian Level 167 Engineer
  • Zeolla Level 91 Fixer
  • Puppyhugger Level 87 Adventurer
  • Sweety Level 60 Meta-Physicist
  • Dyhalto Level 51 Solider
  • Esytrader Level 45 Trader
  • Bunnybrains Level 42 Enforcer
  • Latooni Level 38 Agent
  • Saracrat Level 34 Bureaucrat
  • Kusuha Level 28 Doctor
  • Esyfu Level 16 Martial artist
Each has their own story, tho some are more interesting that others. I have a few other characters but those are mostly random Idea fodder. More will come later.