Monday, July 14, 2008

Esyfu's temple done, and a teddy!

With much rejoicing, Esyfu officially has all her Items from the cursed temple! Tree of "heal me plx" enlightenment, really makes things almost too easy with its 290 heal every 40~ seconds. Makes my Tiny nano pool go much further. Now I'm in the "Run missions till I fall over dead, then once I get up Start again" mode. Its actually not that painful pull mission from Rome to Rome run around Tab Q everything that moves, next. As per Esy tradition At level 60 the MA will make 1 last trip to the temple, after getting a complete over haul, to smash all the things that killed me in the early stages of the characters life.

I've been thinking of starting a sort or "mini series" on people that have influenced me in my time playing Anarchy Online. People that taught me valuable tactics, How various things worked, the basics of twinking, and most importantly have been a friend to me.

Teddy bear, must share teddy. *Hugs the teddy*