Thursday, July 10, 2008

Starting fresh

Hmmm, guess no one really cares but I'll share my story's and experiences from my time playing Anarchy Online. I assure you this wont be a great read but It might interest a few people. For starters I'll Make a huge list of my characters.

  • Esdian Level 167 Engineer
  • Zeolla Level 91 Fixer
  • Puppyhugger Level 87 Adventurer
  • Sweety Level 60 Meta-Physicist
  • Dyhalto Level 51 Solider
  • Esytrader Level 45 Trader
  • Bunnybrains Level 42 Enforcer
  • Latooni Level 38 Agent
  • Saracrat Level 34 Bureaucrat
  • Kusuha Level 28 Doctor
  • Esyfu Level 16 Martial artist
Each has their own story, tho some are more interesting that others. I have a few other characters but those are mostly random Idea fodder. More will come later.