Thursday, July 24, 2008

Progress on Puppyhugger and Bunnybrains, and Various news and "stuff"

Ok, With help from 'aenea I farmed Puppyhugger a few parts of QL 120~ Rhinoman leather, all thats left is the 2 sleeves. Also thanks to Bodhii's Shade, Puppy also got her very first AoE calm. *hurray* Outside smashing should be slightly easier now.

Bunnybrains now is the proud owner of a QL 73~ Newland fish knife and similar QL Improved tango dirk, this should really help her damage output some more as well as tanking potential.

Good news, There will be a Join Rk1 and RK2 raid on test, first of its kind in known history. The Froob raid groups from both servers will meet and then um.. "Test the new raid interface" to make sure its in working order. It should be great fun. More info about it can be found Here

Oh, just as a general note. The Sims 2 is a black hole from which no light, or in my case Time, can escape. Seems that ate a nice chunk of last week. Lastly Check out a fellow RK2 froob's blog Well written and a great layout, compared to this mess.