Sunday, July 13, 2008

Layout and color & Esyfu

Ok, did a little work on making this a little more "Esy'ed up". Finished stage 2 of Heart+Teddy, I may work a little more on my little bear, but for now I like it.

On to AO news. Esyfu is now wearing a borrowed strength and touch of the gripper, Hello Added damage. Quick thanks to Idef, a random Enfo, and NT (Sorry I totally forgot thier names) for making various implants and and Behe. Now all thats left is gloves, a tough choice. Rockcrushers give +9 damage and use Str/Stm as their equip reqs Where the Fist of Orion uses Sen/Agi and give +5 damage and +4 martial arts and some evades. Well which ever I decide on once I get them and Equip them all thats left is to start the mission grind to level 60. At Level 60 I'll look at getting real armor and implants and then start the level train up again. Optimally I want to have at least 1 Character that when they get to level 100 already have their 1000 tokens, so far its not looking like thats gonna happen anytime soon.


alicemuddy said...

Holy Pink!

I do like the bear in the heart tho!Makes for a good avatar for your aofroobs page.

Keep it up--I like having this as another distraction from work ;)

Esdian said...

Thanks, And glad to see someone is actually reading this. I figured it would be a experiment in watching RSS work. ^.^