Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bunnybrains, Newbie genocide, and Infuential person #1

Well, I seem to be taking a small break from Esyfu and and now working on NCU and such for Bunnybrains my piercing enforcer. So far I've got the new belt from steps of madness for + HP, and to counter my small nano pool I'm hoping to get a set of dark memory's from the temple of three winds. Again It seems once I get 1 toon out another must enter, at least Bunny is level 45 and can stand up for them self. Improved tango dirks make life so much better, high max damage, decent speed, and crits to die for, really tears threw cultist.

Oh, I've recently meet 2 new players, and some how I managed to kill both of them while trying to help, oopsie. First one is a Fixer, they wanted to get a Gamma Ejector a SMG from Foreman's. So In an attempt to help them I used my fixer to escort them threw most of the area, then near the last of the mutants I just could not do enough damage fast enough to kill the area clear for them. Then again the same fixer a little later I teamed with Esyfu and managed to pull too hard of a mission for the 2 of us and we both died a few times. Now today I teamed with a new Adventurer with my trader, I was trying to leach a level um.. I mean assist the team by providing calms and stuff. Needless to say much exploding occurred. and I saw how newbie I am playing trader.

First off I want to say the order in which people are mentioned is not a list of most influenced, important or something else just the order I picked. That being said I want to say Thank you to 'aenea. First of all when I was playing my clueless solider you gave me a weapon, built me my first set of implants and many other things and Never once asked for anything in return. Then once I made my engineer you taught me the value of being self sufficient as much as possible, sometimes using a lower weapon and or pet is better than having to hunt a buff every 50 mins. Countless times you've helped me with items in the temple, Steps of madness, many other places, you even loaned X amount of credits to have cash on hand to buy my threating trousers. And all of this does not include the COUNTLESS wrangles thru the past 2 years. Theres too much to list it all here and I know a simple "Thank you" does not cover it all, but Thanks for being a great person and friend.