Friday, August 15, 2008

Finally an update!

Well after a few weeks, I'm back with a few updates. First off, Puppyhugger is now level 112 (title Level 4) and the proud owner of a Pair of Chirops, A smart hood, and a heavy padded over coat. I've recently uped the evades on Puppy, it helps slightly when running lower Token missions, but in XP situations not much help. Still end up trying to Out heal damage, rather than avoiding it.

Also I broke out my trader improved thier implants a Few QLs And gained 1 level, I now have a QL 100~ shotgun, still gimpy, but slightly better as I've not died since I've done the work on them.

Next on the Improvment bar was my Buffbunny agent, Latooni. I managed to aquire a TIM scope and found a QL 100~ Rifle laying around so I equipped it as well. Damage is some what better now, tho I'm Still Squishy, So very squishy. Oh the agent also uploaded a few more FP nanos, Like mongo from enforcer along with one of the early challangers. If I could insta cast mongo, it might make for a good self heal, but 2 factors kill that. 1) 4 seconds does not make for a good casting time and 2) nano cost kills me. So it looks like I'm gonna be stuck like every other agent, FPing MP and draging around a heal pet.

Lastly, I started planing and looking for a way to get my Imps built and ON for my Piercing enforcer. The problem here is I'm using Sense and AGI armors, so they are caped, but both arm implants which hold the piercing clusters tend to end up Strength based, and seeing that my strength is semi gimped that makes matters difficult. Not Impossible by any means, just a little more work that the rest of the slots which are easy to make AGI based.

And now for something totally diffrent.

The Joint RK1 and RK2 raid went well. There were about 15 people at the start from both servers. I wish I'd took down all the names but I was busy bashing a GUI into shape. :p
Saavick did a great job as Raid leader, and the Raid interface makes building and organizing teams a breeze as you can literally drag and drop names around to build the teams. As for the raid its self we Decided with the people we had to attempt a HI raid, first 5 ish waves were super smooth, up thru mabe wave 8 it was still fairly easy, to make a long story short, we managed to get to the Weed but by we lacked the DD needed to finish the task. Outside of me making like 1 bludder (glares at helper stupid pathing :p) We represented RK2 well, and as a group we make a good impression as froobs. for Screenshots and others opinions.